Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rainy Day+No Car=COOKIES

Well, sort of.  I have been promising my oldest that I would make cookies for her friend before he goes away to college.  I guess he leaves tomorrow!  Going to Elon, way to go Brian!  She asked me to make him some chocolate chip cookies (because he loved mine) and then this morning she asked if I could make up something in addition to the chocolate chip.  Sure, no problem.  Well, one problem...
No car keys!! I left them in a box that my husband took to work in Manhattan, so I was stuck at home.  I could have walked to the store, but it was raining.  Not worth it, sorry Brian.

Scrounging around, I knew I had chocolate chips: mini, semi-sweet, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.  Also found the peanut butter...

...and an unopened sleeve of these:

(Don't know why I still like these cookies!!)

I made a dozen chocolate chip cookies as ordered.  And then, using the half batch of dough I had left, I threw all the above in the mixer along with the rest of the cocoa powder I had left (not much!) and this is what the dough looked like: 

Yu- um.  I wanted to throw in some peanut butter M&Ms and some pretzels too, but my 9 year old said enough is enough.  (Next time!!)
These are still really warm.  They fogged up my lens! 
I don't know if you can see all the gooey goodness inside, but they were gooey and good!  Go ahead, click on the picture below, you know you want to.  I hope Brian likes them!

Do your kitchen drawers look like this?

Martha, oh Martha, how I wish I had all the drawers you have! I have drawer envy!

Another man's junk drawer:

Just for cocktail napkins, all pressed ahead of time:

And a drawer just for tea items!

What do your drawers look like??