Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rainy Day+No Car=COOKIES

Well, sort of.  I have been promising my oldest that I would make cookies for her friend before he goes away to college.  I guess he leaves tomorrow!  Going to Elon, way to go Brian!  She asked me to make him some chocolate chip cookies (because he loved mine) and then this morning she asked if I could make up something in addition to the chocolate chip.  Sure, no problem.  Well, one problem...
No car keys!! I left them in a box that my husband took to work in Manhattan, so I was stuck at home.  I could have walked to the store, but it was raining.  Not worth it, sorry Brian.

Scrounging around, I knew I had chocolate chips: mini, semi-sweet, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.  Also found the peanut butter...

...and an unopened sleeve of these:

(Don't know why I still like these cookies!!)

I made a dozen chocolate chip cookies as ordered.  And then, using the half batch of dough I had left, I threw all the above in the mixer along with the rest of the cocoa powder I had left (not much!) and this is what the dough looked like: 

Yu- um.  I wanted to throw in some peanut butter M&Ms and some pretzels too, but my 9 year old said enough is enough.  (Next time!!)
These are still really warm.  They fogged up my lens! 
I don't know if you can see all the gooey goodness inside, but they were gooey and good!  Go ahead, click on the picture below, you know you want to.  I hope Brian likes them!

Do your kitchen drawers look like this?

Martha, oh Martha, how I wish I had all the drawers you have! I have drawer envy!

Another man's junk drawer:

Just for cocktail napkins, all pressed ahead of time:

And a drawer just for tea items!

What do your drawers look like??

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Go Sox!

Got a request for baseball cupcakes, and fortunately for me the kid's a Red Sox fan!  There aren't many of us here in NJ.

I decided to make baseball sugar cookies with the "B" logo. But if you look, the little boy's name is in the middle.

Do you see it?

How about now?

I had no place on the cupcakes for the candles, so I made some candleholders. Cute, eh?

I hope that the kids liked them! They were chocolate cupcakes (super moist!) with buttercream and sparkly sugar under the cookies, alternating red and white.

It was a beautiful day for a baseball party in the park!
(I don't have a picture of that, but I might be getting one to add on later)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cake #2 and #3, if you want to call it a cake

Got the second cake out of 3 done... this photo is deceiving. It's not very wide, but it's really tall for a little cake. Probably almost 8" high!  The sides were done to look like ruffles but my youngest kid said it looked like intestines. Yum. I should have taken better pictures, the "ruffles" looked like ruffles to me...

Note to self: stop leaving the camera in the car for the day job, and bring it in the darn house.

The last cake of the day, well... I obviously put zero effort into it. It's for the school fair's cake walk. I think I might write "TASTES BETTER THAN IT LOOKS" on it so kids will want to win it.
I think it looks like a freaky furry eyeball.

But it tastes YUMMY. I hope nobody wins it. I'll bring it home and eat it.
Bigger cake job coming up at the end of the week. Back to being an artist and not a slacker mom! 
Stay tuned.

Cakes, Cookies, and Parties

Getting lazy. Click on the billiard balls to see some fun baked goods!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

3 Birthdays On One Day!

Update to the cake post below (should updates be above or below the original post??):
Someone got a shot of the birthday boy. Seems that no matter how old you get and how professional your career may be, party hats and superhero capes are always in order to make it a PARTY.

And now back to the post about his cake...

One cake down, 2 to go....it's only 1:25 AM! Anyway, my camera is in the truck and it is really late, so cell phone picture will have to suffice. Yahwwwn.
Bill is bringing this one into the office to surprise someone who doesn't think anyone in the office knows it's his birthday. His lovely wife told us and of course, something must be done!

I like the art deco-ish detail, don't you?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some company!

Today we watched Phil Mickelson win the Masters.  Watching him win was great, and seems extra special for him with his wife still not feeling well from fighting breast cancer. She was able to make it at the end to watch him win, and the tears he had running down his face was brought tears to mine. My husband knew that would happen!

We also had friends over to watch with us, and to EAT. A LOT.  I had made some pulled pork that I started cooking on Saturday and didn't take out of the oven until after 3 on Sunday. It was yummy. Made some burger sliders, hot dogs, and lots of picky food to go with all the beer. And then cookies, banana whoopie pies and a chocolate cake for a little birthday celebration! I didn't have a lot of time to make this pretty, but Julia insisted on chocolate cake with white frosting and purple polka dots and words.  She wanted more colors, but no time!
I'm still stuffed.
Our little friend was dying for the time to come to cut into that cake, and was so excited to put the candles in for him mom to blow out. He didn't want me to take his picture, so I had to do it on the sly.

What a good job he did!

We did it!

Hurry up Mom...

Making a wish...

Finally! Yummy...

And now, all sugared up and ready for a rid on Daddy's leg...

I think our little friend enjoyed himself! I wish I took more pictures. I didn't even get any of his little brother, baby Charlie! Next time.