Tuesday, March 3, 2009

4 Year Old's Dress up Party Cake

I was asked if I could make a cake for a 4 year old's dress up party. It was at a salon that gives all the girls up-do's, make-up, nail polish,and dress up clothes for the day. Very cute place. Sure, I say!
I was asked to make something like maybe a cake shaped like a lipstick or nailpolish or something. Of course, I am already scheming something better, so I ask if I could surprise them a little, as long as the lipstick and nailpolish idea are there, and I would use the girls' favorite colors.

Well, the cake idea started out as one thing and every second turned into something else, until I finally just said, "ENOUGH!!" and this is what came out of my brain and my hands made.
I created nailpolish and lipsticks by first creating a cakey/cookie/truffle like concoction that I wrapped in fondant. The brush and comb and crown are just molded fondant and I covered each cake with a nice, yummy layer of buttercream frosting before wrapping those in fondant because most kids won't eat the fondant, but most like my frosting.
I think I went overboard, it wasn't a sheetcake cut into a lipstick shape afterall.

But the customer was pleased, and I'm grateful that she let me get creative. Best way for me to operate!