When An Experiment Goes Right

Oh boy. I was going to a party over the weekend and needed to bring something yummy, but I wanted something different. So I made my chocolate chip cookie dough, sans the chocolate chips. Baked in a 9x11 dish for a bit, then put some dark chocolate over that and let it melt and spread it edge to edge. And THEN...
I made a toasted coconut, caramel and pecan concoction that I usually put into my German Chocolate Brownie Cookies and I spread that on top of the still warm cookie base. Back in the oven until it was bubbly (probably a little too long- but I forgot they were in the oven!) and then outside to cool. It was frigid, so that didn't take long.

Cut into bite size pieces (so I had more to share) and they became a MAJOR hit!! Unfortunately, this was the only picture I took!


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